Dyed Women Long Straight Synthetic Hair for Black Women (As Picture)

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Product Information:
Material: high temperature resistant matte synthetic hair fiber
Length: 26 inch
Weight: 260g
Applicable head circumference: 52-56cm (with elastic buckle inside, adjustable size)

Hairnet Wearing Method:
Step 1: The hair net is open at both ends, support the development net with your hands, and cover it from the top of the head to the neck
Step 2: With the locked side of the hair net facing down, hold the end without the lock with both hands and pull up the hair net until all of your hair is covered
Step 3: Adjust one end of the lock edge to the hairline, extend the hand in the back to knead it evenly, use a small clip to fix it behind your head, do not put it on the top of your head
Step 4: It is recommended to fix it at the front, back, left, and right side. Using a flat clip will make the hair net stronger

Wig Care:
1. First comb a few hair tresses with your fingers
2. Use a special comb to gently comb from the tip of the wig and comb a small amount of hair.
3. Roll the combed hair bundle on your finger and turn it to the tip of the hair.
4. This eliminates the need for a perm stick and allows you to curl up your hair.
Note: Wigs need to be combed with a wig special care solution and a comb after trial. When the hair becomes dry, messy, or the curl is not obvious, spray the wig with care solution 1-2 times.
A small amount of 15-25 cm away, especially with the hair tip as the center, spray alcohol treatment liquid, start from the hair tip and gently comb to organize the wig hairstyle.
The inner side of the wig is easily knotted by friction and needs to be carefully managed.

Wig Cleaning:

1. First comb the wig with a special wig
2. Soak in detergent for 2-3 minutes
3. Immerse in clean water to rinse
4. Add conditioner and soak for 2-3 minutes. Be careful not to rinse
5. Remove the water from the wig, be careful not to tighten
6. Wrap the wig with a towel and gently absorb moisture
7. Use leave-on care solution to dry naturally
8. Hang on the hair hat rack, put it in a ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight

Wig Wearing Method:
Step 1: Before wearing wig, you can use a comb to comb it from bottom to top. If you have curly hair, do not comb it. Just take it out and shake it left and right.
Step 2: According to the size of yuor head circumference, the store uses the design of the adjustment buckle. There are many small grids between the two adjustment buckles, according to the size of their head circumference, hang the hook to the appropriate position. You can also wear it and let the people around you help to adjust it. After adjusting the size, you can see that there are protruding small pieces on both sides of the wig. After wearing the wig, the two small pieces are attached to the temples on both sides, and they must be symmetrical,Otherwise, the wig will not be straightened, and bangs will not be found.
Step 3: After wearing it, spray some purified water or a special wiping solution for wigs, and use a comb to comb short hair. By your hand, Curly hair can reach the effect you want. More important is the care of bangs. Regardless of the length of hair, comb the bangs first with a comb. Qi bangs will be looser and more realistic with hands or combs. After the oblique bangs are combed smoothly, use the comb in the position of the eyebrows, and divide it according to your own habits.

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